Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feels like Freedom

Hi all, 
It has been a busy couple of weeks: getting settled in to my new job, trying to do our spring cleaning/organizing, and we made a visit down to my parents last weekend! It was a blast to be back, see the ways the town has changed and stayed the same. We ate good food, saw good friends and family, and had beautiful weather. All of the best things in life. :)  

If anyone reading this has been in Americus over the last few weeks, I hope you have had the privilege of being at Central Baptist and hearing Bryan bringing the Word! He taught last week on what it means to carry our cross, and really count the cost of following Christ. It was challenging, powerful, inspiring... I have been meditating on those passages of Scripture all week. I must put down everything else, and just hold fast to Him. 

In thinking about carrying my cross, I just starting praying about what this should practically look like in my life. Why we fight against it. Why He says we need to do it daily. And as I was praying about this, I realized that the thought of it made me feel... relieved. An odd emotion, I thought initially. People always talk about how hard it is to sacrifice our desires, to desire Him alone. So why would I feel relieved by the thought of carrying my cross?
And then, It hit me that compared to all of the other crap I carry around, carrying my cross is beautifully freeing. It is all I have to carry. I can choose to carry my shame, guilt, doubt, insecurity, sin, baggage... OR I can choose to lay all of those things down and pick up my cross, and follow Him. Not to say walking with Jesus will be a cake walk. He says that the Son of man had nowhere to lay His head. That we should hate our mother and father in comparison to our devotion to Him. That is hard stuff to grapple with. But compared to the alternative of struggling through life, holding on to all of that other garbage, it is an easy choice. It means I can quit trying so hard and rest. I can choose to invest in the things of earth, or the things of heaven. I am choosing the things of heaven! I am pressing into what it means to truly walk with Jesus and daily release everything but my cross. I know nothing else will give me more joy, peace, and purpose. He is so gracious to take our burdens. Yes, it may involve much difficulty and sacrifice- from a worldly perspective. But I will keep on taking heart in that I am building treasures for myself in heaven as I learn what it means to follow Him, step after step.

I am loving this song, and this entire album right now. Give it a listen.. it will bless you!!! 
Have a great week ya'll! 

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